BIPS is a unique business school in tadepalligudem and in its progressive pursuit of excellence, the institute focuses on preparing students in respect of (i) Academic Excellence (ii) Skills Acquisition (iii) Personal Values, and (iv) Social Concern. We leave no stone unturned to deliver the BEST in terms of academics input and in calculation of the basic skills-set required for entry into the corporate world. The discipline and the mentoring schedules followed in the daily conduct of the students helps them to imbibe the personal values of honesty, openness, punctuality, leadership initiative, team spirits, and above all, sound work ethics.
This is something unique among the business schools. It goes without saying that BIPS with its competent faculty in various functional areas, its adequate infrastructure, and its vibrant work culture produces industry worthy MBAs who have acquired the required skill-set along with an attitude to learn and develop throughout their personal life. Our students are given lessons in flexibility so much so that, apart from a common skill set, they happily learn the new skills required for any particular corporate job they have been selected for. BIPS would be happy to train up such students adequately to prepare them effectively to perform their future jobs, keeping in view the specific corporate requirements.
I would, therefore, invite candidate’s aspirant for a real MBA and their parents to the BEST Campus heartily for an interesting and productive journey.
With best Wishes