List of National journals for MBA
01  Indian Journal of Marketing 
02  Indian Journal of Finance 
03  Vikalpa The Journal of Decision Makers
04  Prajnan Journal of Social and Management Science
05  Prabandhan : Indian Journal of Management
06  IPE Journal of Management
07  IIMB Management Review
08  NHRD Network Journal
09  Pratibimba The Journal of IMIS
10  Pranjana the journal of Management Awareness
11  The Journal of Indian Management and Strategy
12  GIM journal of Management
13  Anvesha The Journal of Management
14  Commodity Vision A Quarterly Journal
15  The IUP journal of Organizational behavior
16  Journal of Computer Science 
17  Allana Management Journal of Research
18  The IASMA Journal of Business Spectrum
19  The IUP Journal of Management Research
20  SNS Journal of Marketing 
21  The IUP Journal of Soft Skills
22  ICTACT journal on Soft Computing
23  Case Folio the IUP Journal of Management case Studies
24  The IUP journals of Business Strategy
25  The IUP journal of System Management
List of International Journals for M.B.A
01  South Asian journal of Management
02  Mass Communicator International journal of Communication Studies
03  Dharohar international Management journal 
04  Monthly journal Advances in Management
05  Proficient an international journal of Management
06  Pacific Business Review International
07  International journal of Economics                                                              
08  International journal of Computer Science and System Analysis          
09  International journal of Business Policy and Economics
10  International journal of Applied Business and Economic Research 
11  ASM Asian Journal of Management
12  International journal of Computer Science and Software Technology
13 International journal of Finance and Operations Management                 
14  International journal of Financial Management                                        
15  International journal of Marketing Theory                                                  
16  International journal of Marketing Research                                              
17  International journal of Operations Research and Management                
18  International journal of Risk Management of Engineering systems
19  International journal of Management Research and Technology
20  International journal of Engineering and Management                               
21  International journal of International economics and Finance Journal
22  International journal of Risk Management                                                  
23  International journal of Marketing & Human Resource Development       
24  International journal of Decision Making in Supply Chain and Logistics   
List of e-Journals for M.B.A
01  Developing Library Network    (DELNET)
02  JIMS M8: The journal of Indian management and Strategy
03  Mass Communicator: International journal of communication Studies