1. Library Books are borrowed for Library Membership Holders only.
2. A book will be issued to the borrower against production of borrower ID card Issued by the college.
3. Loose Issues and bound volumes of periodicals are not for Issue.
4. All the members should return books borrowed for the library before they produced on a long period of leave are discontinue of their studies and obtained  a “ No Dues” Certificate from the library.
5. The Librarian reserves the right to recall any book from any member at any time.
6. The loan period may be shortened by the librarian if the books are on special demand.
7. Loan books, General books back volume of periodicals are issued for 15 days only.
8. Reference books, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, Rare books are not issued. 
1. An overdue charges Rs.50p/- per day per volume will be collected for Late return of the books borrowed by them after 2 days of due date.
2. Members are responsible for any damage caused by them to the books or any other property belonging to the library and shall be required to pay the penalty imposed upon them by the Librarian.
3. Members shall check the book before taking for Issue, if any defects are identified it should be brought to the notice of the library staff. Otherwise the last borrower will be responsible for the defects.
4. Library borrower cards are not transferable, in such case the library facility will be curtailed to the both the members.
5. Incase of loss of books by the borrower should either replace the book or bear its double cost.
6. Replacement is allowed on or before 20 days only.  Otherwise double Cost will be collected.
7. Incase of minor damage of the book Rs. 20/- will be collected for the purpose of binding charges.
8. Incase of major damage of the book, double cost will be collected.
9. Damage will be decided by the librarian.
10. Any lose of book, member should report immediately to the Librarian.
1. Members should not bring personal belongings and library books issued to them inside the library.
2. Members should carry the ID cards for evidence of membership.
3. Strict “SILENCE” is to be maintained in the library and library premises.
4. Members shall not write upon, damage or mark any book belonging to the library.
5. Eating and Sleeping in the library are “Strictly Prohibited”.
6. Mobile phones should not be used in the library.
7. Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.
8. The members caught tearing pages stealing of books will be suspended forthwith for using the library facilities and further displenary action will be initiated against them by the college.
Signature of the Principal                                         Signature of the LIBRARIAN.