1. Every student has to maintain discipline in all respects.
2. A minimum attendance of 75% is compulsory for attending the University Examinations. No one will be exempted from this rule.
3. Every student has to clear the fee dues before the due date without fail.
4. Fee dues, if any incurred during the semester/year, should be cleared to get the Hall ticket for writing the Semester / year end Examinations.
5. SC, ST, BC and Muslim minority students and other students who get financial assistance towards tuition fee are required to pay the fee, incase their due fee is not cleared by the Govt. / other sponsoring organization within the stipulated time. Otherwise students will not be allowed for University Examinations.
6. Any damage done to the college property like furniture etc. will attract fine and punishment.
7. Every student should follow the dress code of the institution.
8. All the students should display the Identity Card properly. No student will be allowed to enter the college without the Identity Card.
9. All the students should maintain punctuality and late comers will not be allowed to classes.
10. All the students should follow the Library rules and regulations.
11. Ragging is strictly banned and if any student found ragging others he/she will be punished severely according to the Law.
12. If any student is found involved in ragging, any one or more of the following punishments will be imposed.
          • Cancellation of admission.
          • Suspending from attending class work.
          • Not permitting to the University examination.
          • Fine up to Rs. 50,000/-
          • Rigorous imprisonment up to 3 years (by court of law).
13. Every student has to sign on the undertaking for maintaining discipline and for avoiding ragging.
14. Use of mobile phones, smoking and commenting is totally banned in the college campus. The mobiles once seized will not be returned at all.
      15. Any problems or grievances will be communicated through proper channel